Micasa Verde Vera Edge ZWave Weiser Deadbolt Lock Kit*

$374.99 $329.99

The VeraEdge Kwikset Deadbolt Lock Kit will let you check if the door is locked, and either lock or unlock it from anywhere you have an Internet connection and a web browser, iPhone/iPad or Android device.  You’ll be able to remotely add or remove access codes for the deadbolt or even set up scheduled lock and unlock times.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x VeraEdge Internet Enabled Zwave Smart Controller
  • 1 x Weiser Zwave Traditional Style Deadbolt (Satin Nickel)

VeraEdge is an energy efficient home control system that provides scheduling and remote Internet access and control of your automation system with NO MONTHLY FEES and no complicated port forwarding or network set-up required.