Vera Plus Automation Controller with VistaCam 700 Bundle*


Get a great deal on a VeraPlus automation controller and a VistaCam700 HD indoor WIFI camera.  With this bundle you can check in anytime to see what’s happening, and even tie camera events to Zwave or Zigbee device actions.  Expand your kit with Zwave locks, lights or any number of supported devices as your needs grow.

VeraPlus supports a huge array of Zwave devices, as well as Zigbee HA profile products, Bluetooth devices and a number of network devices and alarm systems using free software plug-ins.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x VERAPLUS Internet Enabled Smart Controller
  • 1 x VISTACAM-700 Indoor WIFI Camera


VerPlus is an energy efficient automation system that provides scheduling and remote Internet access and control of your automation system with NO MONTHLY FEES and no complicated port forwarding or network set-up required.